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Love & Hate

Sep 30, 2010 at 11:18 AM

Firstly, great work. I posted a reply on the Zune forums, and then found the project here.

Great to see the source (I'm a competent .NET programmer, but need to learn some WPF and this was useful to play with).

I added the love/hate icons to the bottom bar so it fully mimics the same panel in the Zune software. I can let you have the code but I'm sure it'd only take you a few mins to add (the UserRating variable as an int is 2=Hate, 8=Love).

I also swapped round the buttons so Menu scrolled over to the track listing, and the cancel button scrolled back. This freed up the left and right buttons for next and prev track - though I'm not sure how useful that is, because the keyboard already has these (and they'd be needed again if there was more pages (I may add one with a large album art in the middle).

I'm in the UK, and hardly anyone here has a Zune, as the Zune Pass isn't technically available (I managed to get one because somehow my UK credit card payment went though with a US billing address!). However it is coming to the UK officially soon - that and the imminent release of WP7 there should result in a significant increase in the number of users running the Zune software. Therefore the future is promising for this plug-in.

Keep up the great work.