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Project Description

Zune LCD is an applet to display all important informations from the Microsoft Zune Software on the Logitech Monochrome or QVGA display (e.g. the display used with the Logitech G15/G19 Keyboard or the Logitech G13 and Z10 devices).
It also lets you control the Zune Software.

Changes in version 0.3.1b

  • fixed a bug when using multiple Logitech LCD devices (like the G19 and G13)

Changes in version 0.3b

  • updated to work with Zune Software v4.8
  • user rating of the current track integrated (see Usage down below)

More informations

Please take a look at the following screenshots for more details. ;-)

Zune Lcd Monochrome screenshot
Zune Lcd Monochrome screenshot

Zune Lcd Color screenshot
Zune Lcd Color screenshot

Zune Lcd Color video

Zune LCD is still in development, but if you like feel free to test it for yourself. It should work stable enough.

If you have any suggestions or found any bugs, please contact me or leave a short report on this site.

Note: Zune LCD is developed in C# with the .NET Framework 2.0 and 3.0 (for the G19 applet).


  • Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or 7 (both 32- and 64-bit)
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0+ for the monochrome LCD (G15, G13, Z10)
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0+ for the color LCD (G19)
  • Microsoft Zune Software 4.8+
  • Logitech LCD Driver 3.01.180+


The easiest way to install Zune LCD is to copy all the DLL- and EXE-files to your Zune installation directory (the default path is "C:\Program Files\Zune", it has to be the same directory where the original Zune.exe is located).

If you want to make a custom installation, or just like to know what all the files are for:
  • the 4 GammaJul.LgLcd DLL-files are used to access the Logitech LCD SDK from any .NET language like C# or VB.NET.
  • ZuneLcdApi.dll is my own Zune API to access the Zune Software (it's still in early development, but if you like you can already use it for your own programs to get informations form the Zune Software or just to control the player outside of the Zune Software).
  • ZuneLcdApi.xml this is the public documentation for my ZuneLcdApi.dll. If you add a reference to the ZuneLcdApi.dll from Visual Studio, you are able to read it inside the IDE. It just has to be in the same directory as the DLL.
  • ZuneLcdApiDebug.exe this is my testing application for the Zune LCD API. Feel free to play around with it. :-)
  • ZuneLcdMonochrome.exe this is the actual monochrome applet for the G15, G13 and Z10 from Logitech.
  • ZuneLcdColor.exe this is the color applet for the Logitech G19.


To use this applet with the Zune software, you need to close the Zune Software (if it's already running), then just start the ZuneLcdMonochrome.exe (monochrome display for the G15 etc.) or the ZuneLcdColor.exe (color display for the G19) from inside the Zune directory where the actual Zune.exe is located. This will start both, the Zune Software and the chosen LCD applet simultaneously.

If you like you can just change the path of your desktop or programs menu shortcut of the Zune Software to ZuneLcdMonochrome.exe or ZuneLcdColor.exe to easily start your application with the LCD applet enabled.

G15 applet - the LCD softbuttons have the following functions attached:
  • Button 1: toggles the user rating of the current track (Unrated, I like, I don't like)
  • Button 2: Repeat on/off
  • Button 3: Shuffle on/off
  • Button 4: Mute on/off (inside the Zune Software)

G19 applet - the LCD softbuttons have the following functions attached:
  • General functions on all pages
    • Left/Right button: switches to the previous/next page
    • Cancel button (<--): Mute on/off (inside the Zune Software)
  • Functions on the main page
    • Up button: Repeat on/off
    • Down button: Shuffle on/off
    • Ok button: toggles the user rating of the current track (Unrated, I like, I don't like)
  • Functions on the track list page
    • Up/Down button: goes one track up/down through the whole "Now Playing" list
    • Ok button: plays the currently selected track

Known bugs

  • If you connect you Zune Player to your PC while the LCD applet is running, it might start another instance of the Zune Software with your Zune Player. That is not really a problem, you can just sync with the new Zune Software instance, but im trying to find a solution for that behavior.


Zune LCD Copyright (c) VosSoft 2010 - 2012
Zune LCD is developed by Alexander 'Xander' Vos (


Microsoft Corporation (Zune Software)
Logitech International S.A. (LCD)

Special thanks

  • MrJul for his great .NET Wrapper (GammaJul.LgLcd around the Logitech LCD SDK.
  • Kai for testing Zune LCD.

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